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4.5.6 (456)
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Updated Date:
June 11, 2019
Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)

Kingo Root Apk is the best and a single click application for rooting Android mobile. Developed in APK file format can root your device quickly. Downloading and installing of KingoRoot is free of cost. It is belong to Tool category and its developers are kingSoft Technology Ltd.

Kingo Root Apk Feature

Unlock Hidden Features

KingoRoot enables you to unlock hidden features of your device during rooting.

Boosts up the Battery

The app help you to root your device and get rid of all junk from your device and give a long life to your battery.

Avoid Ads

While playing a game or working on any app- a lot of frustrating ads impede your experience. No doubt these ads are necessary. Ads help us to see a lot of free apps. But sometimes we have to see invasive ads and pop ups by several apps. These may also cause of entering malware or bugs too. KingoRoot will help you to block ads during rooting through ad blockers on internet.

Avoid BloatWare

BloatWare apps are the part of mobile and can’t be uninstalled. But you can get rid of them through rooting. These apps continuously consume your battery as well as RAM. Through Rooting you can uninstall these apps and save your battery and get free your RAM.


Customization is the best feature for changing the look of your device during rooting and makes your mobile more modified to increase all pleasant experience.

Add Extra Options

Add some more options as well as flexibility to your device after rooting. This will increase the functionality of your device.

Support all Android Device

KingoRoot tool for window supports all Android devices———–Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and Google Nexus.


KingoRoot is used several mobile devices between 1.5 and 5.0 with same process. And if you want to uninstall all the rooting. Simply click on ‘uninstall’ button and follow the steps.

Average Rating

On different rating platforms the app has 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. Available in English and total version for downloading are 8.

Main Features

  • A best app for rooting Android
  • Developed in APK file format
  • Unlock hidden features
  • Boosts up your battery
  • Avoid irritating ads
  • Avoid bloatware
  • Customize your device
  • Support all Android devices
Kingo Root Apk

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