Firefox for Windows

Firefox for Windows

66.0.5 (32-قليلا)
حجم الملف:
(42.4 MB)
تاريخ التحديث:
قد 19, 2019
شبابيك 7 / شبابيك 8 / شبابيك 10
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موزيلا Firefox for Windows is a quick, all-in-oneFree Web BrowserFirefox consist of a streamlined browser window. Which can display a large number of pages and extra capabilities that can help you online to take more time. It has simple private controls, Bing search, Pop-up blocking, Incorporated Google, tab-browsing and Yahoo.You can download ثعلب النار for PC offline installer from our site.

Firefox for Windows Features

Batter for bytes
ثعلب النار is a tilt, signify browsing engine. It can use less memory than Chrome; وبالتالي, it’s simpler for your PC to continue operating extra programs.

The tabs without delay
Firefox is a browser of running several process. وبالتالي, its tabs keep on fresh and won’t get evermore to reload.

Support up XPs
now ثعلب النار is carrying enhanced presentation for online gaming. Our great browser shrinks delays speeds up ping period, as well as optimizes in general gameplay by quicker browsing.

Put down no hint
Firefox personal Browsing mechanically removes your online information similar to passwords, بسكويت, and record from your Pc. وبالتالي, as you shut down, you put down no hint.

Trackers cover nothing chills
a few websites as well as advertisement join secreted trackers to save your browsing information after long time you’ve missing. Simply Firefox personal Browsing have tracking safety to block them mechanically.

Fall the advertisement belongings
just Firefox personal Browsing blocks advertisement through secret trackers, thus you can fall the belongings and browse liberally.

No thread attach
Firefox is made through without any profit. Through it you can perform things that no one can do. As make fresh products and structures with not any secret plan.

You can take what you view
we consider the Internet serves people without any profit. Contrasting to other companies, we don’t trade contact to your information. You’re in managing over who observes your exploration and browsing record.

A browser is lying on a task

ثعلب النار is a browser among a scruples. It is a component of the technology without profit Mozilla. We struggle for your online privileges, carry on companies authority in control, and support teach. Developing countries on strong Internet performing.