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Google Earth für Windows

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Juni 20, 2019
Windows 2000 / XP / Aussicht / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Google Earth für Windows sets a world’s value of images as well as other geographic in orders right on you’re desktop. Analysis foreign settings as Maui and Paris, and tips of attention like neighboring cafés, hospital, and schools. Google Earth unites satellite images, maps, and the influence of Google Search to set the globes’ geographic information at your fingertips. Through it you can hurry from space to your neighboringonly enter in an address and go fast correct in, look for schools, picnic points, cafés, and hotels. Find driving guidelines, roll and turn the outlook to observe 3D land and constructions, save as well as share your explorations plus desired and still insert your personal comments.

Since searching shipwrecks on the sea level to zooming into 3D metropolis about the globe, you can discover open records of trips, videotapes, and images that have been formed by Google Earth and supporting cronies.

Hauptpunkte Google Earth:

3D images

Get air travel above whole city regions in 3D.
3D foliage
observes 3D foliage in picnic points, locality, and woods.
Past images
Journey reverse in era by past images.
Submerge to fresh lowest point by Ocean in trips.
3D constructions
Discover 3D trips of constructions, metropolis and well-known landmarks.

discover a fresh planet and observe imagery from NASA.
Find out far-away galaxies, collection of stars and a lot more.
Study concerning the Moon and pursue Apollo tasks.
US leaders
Study as regards the US presidents and visit their native land.
Weather Change
get reported visits about the contacts of weather change.
Superman of Google Earth
observes how community is using Google Earth to transform their world.
Hubble Telescope
Browse these wonderful imagery or take off to them in space. Herunterladen Google Earth Offline Installer Setup!
Beloved Places
find out thrilling places shared by global trendsetters.
gets a practical walk about usual and educational landmarks.
Water Galaxy
constructs your own galaxy for your surroundings.