Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop para Windows

Adobe Photoshop CC a best app for designing and illustrating of 3Ds. Cc denoted to Creative Cloud from where the tool is launch as a new version of 2013. In fact Photoshop is a replace word of ‘edit’ as it is mostly use to edit the photographs. Edit and compose the images with the state-of-art skills through Adobe Photoshop with a large number of creative tools. Adobe Photoshop is an impact full presentation of Adobe System.

Adobe Photoshop Features

A Magic Editing

Get awesome result while editing with a wide range of tools. Discover a wonderful change while using the color levels, alpha channels, masks, filters, and textures. You just need some practice to get unlimited results.

Adobe Camera RAW

Being a professional software, Adobe Photoshop provides three new version of camera RAW. The first version is use as filter on every layer. Next is use to correct the misrepresentation in a view with an exclusively added tab. And the third one is a Radial filter which is use for retouching features.

Versatile tools

A large variety of versatile and traditional tools enables you to work more skillfully. With the activation of timeline, you can create your stunning piece of work.

Components of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop consist of two parts. In first part you can select tools for adapting them to us. Second part is the panel where you can handle with layers. These layers are corresponding level for illustrating photos.

Interface with Dark Grey Color

The interface of new version is in dark gray color which will help you to be more attentive to the image. If you can’t understand it than change the color to its original or two new shades.

Use of Plugins

Add plugins in Photoshop to get more productive results. Enhance the beauty of image with the addition of filter options.

Resample Method

Preserve the original details of image in the new feature resampling method. This will help you to change the image in a better way.

Principales características

  • Edit photos
  • Design and illustrate 3Ds
  • Interface with grey color
  • Preserve images through resample method
  • Panels and layers
  • Three new version of camera RAW

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