QuickTime Player pour Windows

QuickTime Player pour Windows

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janvier, 8e 2016
Windows XP / Vue / les fenêtres 7 / les fenêtres 8 / les fenêtres 10
La description

QuickTime Player pour Windows allows you to watch Internet video, clips vidéo HD, et les médias privés dans une grande variété de set-up de fichiers. In addition to it allows you get pleasure from them in extremely elevated feature. You can downloadQuickTime Player for computer offline installer through taping on free download key. Immense Apple’smedia player for MOV files!

Main Features of QuickTime Player

A multimedia stands.
Quick Time technology enables you to watch Video from your digital camera or cell phone, movie on your Mac or PC, and a media clip on a website. It’s no issue what youre viewing or where youre viewing it.

A stylish media player.
Quick Time Player gives you more enjoyment through its plain design and easy controls. Its fresh, orderly interface not at all acquire in the manner of what you’re seeing. A handy slider allows you set playback from half time to 3 times the usual speed if you desire to speed during a movie or slow things down. As well as, you can explore through personal movie outlines speedily.

A sophisticated video technology.
QuickTime qualities highly developed video firmness technology known as H.264 to convey bright, crunchy HD video by fewer bandwidth and storage. Thus you’ll practice perfect video superiority anywhere you see your movies or videos.

A bendable file format.
QuickTime allows you do extra through your digital media. À travers QuickTime 7 Pro, you can change your files to dissimilar set-ups, record as well as edit your job. No other person plug-ins expands QuickTime technology in a lot of diverse commands. In addition to QuickTime streaming explanations allow you stream your media crossways the Internet.