CleanMyMac untuk Mac

X 4.4.2
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Juni 12, 2019
Mac OS X 10.10 atau nanti

CleanMyMac X helps you to get rid of all crud and gunk of your Mac. Just with two clicks it will remove the junk from the Mac. Works quick, memeriksa kondisi Mac, mengoptimalkan, mendukung. Membersihkan dan mempercepat Mac Anda.

CleanMyMac Main Features

Simple Tools Optimization;

The software checks the junk of macOS. It removes unwanted data, logs, and useless localization. Itu CleanMyMac locates hidden files and cut a lot of mess prowling in iTunes.

One Click Cleaner;

Discover Mac’s flaws may be a difficult work. It needs many hours.  you can do it with one or two clicks. You need not to open a folder or files, not any command. Just click a button and clean your Mac easily.

Safe and Sound;

The software with a Safety Database enables you to remove all crud from significant data. It informs you unnecessary junk need to be cleanup. But it deletes no data without requesting.

Speed up Mac;

Any time you will find a high level of speed up tools, with clean RAM, Flush DNS cache, Repaired scripts, controlled login stuff, remake Launch services, and suspended Applications. The cleaner helps you to decrease load of Mac and ready for work to done.

Protection from Malware;

A best fighter against Malware, adware, ransom to the macOS. The malware module of CleanMyMac reports about any ware founded in your Mac and scans it within few seconds. It has updated the module database time to time and its protection module is always on your back.

 Arrangement and Fixing of Apps;

The software works in an orderly way. It works with two tools; Uninstaller and updater. The first one cleans all junk and the second one updates all the data. Unnecessary data removes easily and the fresh one is available on time.

Another tool Uninstaller for unused application that will inform you the files which not used for the time. The list of unnecessary applications will help you scan the system, and make it ready for a quick and fast performance.


The software keeps your Mac always active, working behind for hours. Itu Smart Scan works as the three-in-one. It can clean, protect, and speed up your Mac with one click. With a single spin, you will find a wonderful performance of your Mac.

An instinctive Interface;

the simple user interface helps you to select analysis to include into it. now,Navigate through the program easily.

Upgraded Bar Menu;

Clicked on bar menu to check all data such as; space of hard drive, accessible RAM, Network speed, Usage of CPU, and details of Dropbox account. Get information about suspended programs.


  • Removes all junk with one click
  • support and optimize the Mac
  • Speedy and easy user interface
  • The Safety database for deleting junk
  • greatest performance through speed up tools
  • Malware modules
  • Uninstaller tools for unused data
  • Updater tools for new data
  • Done three jobs at once
  • Upgraded bar menu to check data
  • Excellent new modules

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