Avocode untuk Windows

3.0.0 (32-sedikit)
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Juni 13, 2019
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Avocode untuk Windows terbuka PSD & desain sketsa pada Windows komputer melalui Avocode 64-bit. Buat CSS,  saat & XML straight from coatings plus transfer pictures, warna, font, gaya, sizes as well as measurements. Call your team followers and simply achieve client permissions. Every sum of people can review the similar design at the similar time. Offer specific design feedback through comments plus take informed after something alterations. Save design adjustments together as well as planned into projects. Upload every Photoshop plus Outline source files to single safe place, where your whole team can contact, open as well as download them 24/7. Download GratisAvocode 64-bit for Windows computer nowadays!

Avocode Main Points:

Open .psd & .outline without Photoshop & Sketch
Avocode concentrates Photoshop plus Sketch projects on its personal. So you can open as well as review every design you upload to Avocode.

Transfer CSS, saat, Android & Respond Native code through a design
Create concise CSS, Fewer, Sass, Less, SCSS, Stylus, saat, Android, & CSS in JS code containing coating plus font styles, parts in px, pt, and dp as well as colors in HEX, UIcolor or HEX8.

Transfer pictures up to @4x or xxxhdpi purpose
Choose a layer, many layers or a part of the project and transfer it like an image. Enhance extra options for several resolutions. You can even upscale plus transfer vector forms to right every desktop, iOS or Android screen.

Exclusive #BADA55 colors
manually repetition colors as well as exchanging themthat are so the recent day. Only pick a shade as well as the color code will be instantly added in your clipboard, therefore you can paste it anywhere you like it.

Transfer text layers like simple text, pictures or html code
once you select a text layer, you can transfer it like an image, copy simple text or copy text through html tags. The STYLES board will display you all as font-family, font-weight, plus font-size.

Specific measurements, no eye-balling
directly take every size or space. Add, move, plus eliminate guides which let you to test specific arrangement. You can too use them to amount a space from every purpose to every place.

Express everything as a portable

you can modify the code output through hiding as well as reorganizing its slices. Express as well as substitute every value (warna, font, gradient, ukuran, distance) in the code like a movable plus it will mechanically look in the transferred code.

Share projects plus call team members
allow your colleague designer remove all project specs on his private in Avocode. You can also call team followers who want to review the design, or share a community connection by people who simply want to comment.

Sync .psd plus .sketch through a plugin
you can plainly stay in Photoshop or Sketch app to upload a project or a review to Avocode. Install our plugin, hit sync plus the project will quickly look in your Avocode cloud.

Select every part of the project plus comment on topmost of it
Talk over all, clarify your thought as well as leave feedback through comments exactly on top of the project to your group. Focus every part, add, answer, plus solve comments through your team in real time.

Get informed in Slack about your team’s development
Get informed through e-mail or in a devoted Slack channel after your team members, upload a project, enhances a review, or writes a comment. You can too track development in the activities bar in the Avocode app.

Achieve who gets what
Call team mates, outworkers plus freelancers as well as achieve their permissions for precise plans in your team. Share a preview of the project through a public link to third parties (like users) and allow them comment.

Single place for all of your projects
Upload projects to the Avocode cloud, sync versions plus design settings (scale, platform, units) through your team. Allow your team followers contact, review as well as download the latest design revisions 24/7.

All reviews in your vision

Re-design as much as you need. Avocode works like a latest source for all your project versions. You can just load revisions on highest of every other plus then relate them side by side visually.

Zero time for safe custody however so harmless
the next you upload your project to the Avocode cloud; it develops available to your team. All you upload in Avocode is encrypted through a SSL certificate, thus your design keep really yours.

Sort projects as well as search in your plans
Avocode allows you work on as several projects as you need. When you upload any design, sort it consequently. If you’re watching for somewhat only type it in the search bar or hit SPACE to preview your design.

Avocode app extracts PSD/Sketch projects on any OS
Opening Sketch on Windows, or PSD on Linux is only a start of what’s probable through Avocode. All design you open will be extracted pixel faultless as well as downloaded thus you can contact it even once you drop Internet link.

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Password Vault Manager Main Points:

Password Running
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Other Features
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