QuickTime Lite

QuickTime Lite untuk Windows

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Mungkin 22, 2019
Windows XP / pemandangan / jendela 7

QuickTime Lite untuk Windows is also famous as the support package of QuickTime. Alternative, which is an orderly version of QuickTime.  It is consist of simply the necessary components require for running QuickTime content that is root in WebPages.

Benefits of QuickTime Lite are as following:

*Fast and simple install

*Skill to create an unattended installation

*No need of background procedures

*No need of unnecessary things and other baloneys

*Minor size

Quick Time outline enables you to play Quick Time files through Media Player Classic and Zoom Player. That get install through QuickTime Lite Other players’ need DirectShow filters for playing QuickTime files.

If you desire to play QuickTime files in Windows Media Player or a different DirectShow based player. In that case it is suggest to install the
K-Lite Codec Pack. That consists of all the DirectShow filters that are need to play QuickTime files.