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Browser Edge di Microsoft per Windows

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giugno 14, 2019
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Microsoft Edge Browser is the fastest browser for windows. Si tratta di una nuova aggiunta per ottimizzare le prestazioni del browser (previously known with the name of Project Spartan). It was a replacement of Internet Explorer. Just remember the Microsoft Edge is working in the technical preview of windows.

Microsoft Edge Main Features

Fast and Clean

Microsoft Edge is an idea of fast, clean and light weight version that can work very easily whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile. It gives a simple and streamed line browsing experience. In spite of many features of other browsers, it has an easy interface.

Reading Mode;

It improves the last PDF mode presented in the window 8. As it was a little difficult to use in window 8. Adesso, you can find it very convenient on Microsoft Edge. It enables you to save your writing material in this format to work later. In fact Microsoft Edge is working as a default for PDF’s in widow 10.

Annotation for PDFs;

Another important feature of Microsoft Edge is that you can annotate your web page with more flexibility. You can highlight, copy the text, and underline the text and much more.

Connected with Cotana;

It is interconnected Cortana (an assistant of Google and Apple’s Siri). For many purposes you can get more information from Cotana.

Speed up Memory Engine;

Microsoft Edge is boasting with a new engine which changes the code of web page and you can see it on the display directly. It raises the speed of browser very high, which can save the memory but it does not mean that Edge consume the less memory.

Addition of new Features;

Microsoft has certainly increased the browsing experience. With the addition of some exciting features such as; loading very fast, scrolled down the page easily. And the most important feature of Add-ons. This helps you to have LastPass, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Evenote, and pinterest as well as ad blockers. The best is that the speed of browser does not slow down as often it happens with add-ons.

Mobile Integration;

At first stage Edge was not sync with mobile devices. Adesso, Microsoft has made it possible the version will sync the open tabs of android and iOS mobiles. It will help you to save password of your website with desk top of your PC.


  • Fastest browser for windows 10
  • Veloce, pulito, and lightweight
  • Simple interface Reading mode format
  • A default for PDFs in windows
  • Annotate web page
  • Connected with Cotana ( an assistant of Google and Apple )
  • New engine for speed up
  • Loading of page very fast
  • Addition of Ad-on
  • Sync tabs of Android and iOS

Edge need to optimize in window 7 e 8 pure. As these both are used by a majority of users. Just like that it offers a very charming experience in window 10, androide. iOS. It includes with many useful tools and techniques.