Google Chrome para Mac

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Junho 7, 2019
Mac OS X 10.10 ou mais tarde

Google Chrome for Mac is a latest Internet Browser with fast, conveniente, e funcionalidade fácil. Chrome has become a powerful and dominating technology during last few years. It is going to side by side with Mozilla Firefox in popularity. You can find your search or web pages equally presented in one box. A best choice in the world of browsing.

Google Chrome for Mac Features

Trabalhe rápido

Google chrome work very fast as compare to Mozilla Firefox. You can launch several web pages at one time. Google chrome used JavaScript engine to run the apps quickly and loads pages vie WebKit at high speed. No doubt it can navigate rapidly and helps you to search with ease.

Ocupado menos espaço

Unlike Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome consumes only 1% of your operating system. A lightweight and fast browser with an authentic security system. Just click and load your wanted web pages as well as images. With a simple UI, the browser has three rows for tools. The first one is modify tabs horizantically, secondly has new icons for navigating and adjusting windows. At the top presented a URL box to search webs directly. The third is contain of bookmark folders and apps installed already.

Navegação privada

Incognito mod is an incredible feature for private browsing. The feature enables you to disconnect ex data, perceptible breadcrumbs and take out cookies while on Turning off.

Away from Malware

The new Google Chrome for Mac helps you to get rid of malware install. Automatically in your system and damage it a lot. The browser detects malicious software or websites and alerts you. It is update automatically make your system more effective and reliable.

Multiple Varieties

Versatile and stable browser with multiple varieties of apps, add-ones, e temas. Experience fast navigation, developed functionality, privacidade, e muito mais. Back up all contacts, preferences, records, anything you want.

A Superb Browser

Google Chrome for Mac with outstanding fluency, several extensions, great performance, and improved productivity provides its services for you.

Principais características

  • Fast and convenient
  • Powerful technology
  • Run or load several pages at one time
  • Consume only 1% of operating system
  • Simple UI
  • Navegação privada
  • Security features
  • Alerts about malware
  • Versatile and reliable
  • Super-fast browsing

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Google Chrome para Mac