Cromo para Windows

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Junho 13, 2019
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Código aberto

Cromo para Windows é um plano de navegador de código aberto que fins para criar um mundo mais seguro, mais rápido, as well as extra sure method for all Internet clients to experience the web. it is the open source web browser plan through which Google Chrome appeals its source code. The plan’s hourly it snapshots seem really parallel to the newest shapes of Google Chrome away from the exclusion of definite Google additions, maximum noticeable between them: Google’s brand, auto-update device, click-through certifying footings, usage-tracking, as well as hurrying of Adobe Flash Player. Download Chromium Offline Installer Setup!

The Plan gets its title from the element chromium (Cr), the metal through which chrome is prepared. Google’s aim, as conveyed in the designer records, was that Chromium would be the title of open source plan and that the last product name would be Chrome. But other designers have taken the crômio code plus launched versions under the Chromium name.

Variances among Chromium and Google Chrome

It is the title offer to the open source plan as well as the browser source code launch and continue through the it Plan. It is probable to install the newest pre-compile snapshots for Windows, Linux plus Mac, or through downloading the source code plus creating it physically on those platforms. Google gets this source code plus enhances an cohesive Flash Player. The Google name as well as logo, an auto-updater system name Google Update. An opt-in option for clients to send Google their usage data as well as smash reports. Assim como, in certain examples, RLZ tracking that conveys information in encode method to Google, for instance. When and where Chrome has been download. By default, it just supports Vorbis, Theora and WebM codecs for the HTML5 audio and video tags. However Google Chrome supports these in addition to H.264, AAC, and MP3. Some Linux deliveries may improve support for other codecs to their customize versions of it. Download Chromium Offline Installer Setup!

The open-source plan offering the code for Google Chrome. Contains documentation, designer info, virus reports, as well as source code download. The simplest method to downloadcrômio for PC now!