хром-браузер андроид

Google Chrome для Android

75.0.3770.67 (377006705)
Размер файла:
(45.8 мегабайт)
Обновлено Дата:
июнь 8, 2019
Android 4.4 (Кит-Кат, API 19)

Google Chrome Apk for Android is an astonishing surprise for Android users. Просто, быстро, и безопасный веб-браузер для поиска веб-сайтов, которые вы хотите. The Chrome helps you to download any content within moments. With energetic updates the Chrome is also secure as it avoids viruses.

Google Chrome Apk Features

Specific Element

Google Chrome offers all browsing elements like that of PC window and with it also available some specific elements like gestures for mobiles.

Работа Fast

Google Chrome work very fast as it shows the instant result that you want to know.

Обзор Конфиденциально

The cognito mode helps you to search your required data. You need not to save it or browse privately without leaving any hint.


Google Chrome sync all of your devices while signing in you can find bookmarks, пароль, and tabs to all of your devices. It helps you to get data from mobile, таблетка, and PC.

Безопасный просмотр

With a built-in Google Safe Browsing you acknowledge malicious or unsafe sites. It also warns you about downloading of any dangerous content.

Watch Data Offline

Chrome helps you to download your favorite videos music or other such data and save it in the right inside of downloads home. You can also watch it offline.

Voice Searching

You can use your voice too for searching instead of typing in the search bar. This way gives you a very fast searching.

Google Translator

Google Chrome offers a translator which enables you to change your whole content in your own language.

Экономия трафика

Turn on the data saver button of Google chrome and save up to 60% of mobile data. This will not pull down the quality of videos, изображений, or text.

User Friendly Browser

Google Хром is commonly known in the world of web. So you can use it more easily.

Основные особенности

  • A simple and fast browser for Android
  • Безопасная и надежная
  • заставки данных
  • Легко использовать
  • Translates languages
  • Watch data offline
  • Синхронизация устройств
  • Поиск в частном порядке
google chrome apk

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