Flash Player สำหรับ Windows

Flash Player สำหรับ Windows

รุ่น: (Opera/Chrome)
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มกราคม, 8TH 2019
windows XP / ทิวทัศน์ / ของ windows 7 / ของ windows 8 / ของ windows 10

Adobe Flash Player for Windows used for Firefox/IE/Chrome/อุปรากร a standard for carrying high contact, affluent Web content. Plans, liveliness, and application customer interfaces are arranged at once along all browsers and platforms, drawing and appealing users through an affluent Web skill.

Adobe Flash Playerhelps numerous records set-ups containing AMF, SWF, XML and JSON. The multimedia set-ups that are helped through Flash Player contain MP3, FLV, JPEG, GIF, PNG and RTMP. It also has abilities that are helped comprise hasten graphics exposing, multithread film decoding and webcam maintain for Stage Video. Adobe Flash Player too allows better confidentiality controls, employing saved HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS). Installed on about 1.3 billion systemsFlash Player is the standard for sending elevated contact, affluent Web content. ดาวน์โหลด Flash Player ติดตั้งไลน์การติดตั้ง!


Staying Safe
Flash Player makes ensure that your installation is safe and progressed. Just chooselet Adobe to install updatesall through the installation procedure or select this choice every time in the Flash Player control panel.

Get you’re gaming to after that stage through Flash Player’s unbelievable Stage 3D graphics. Flat, reactive, and extremely full sports are a tap away. Adobe enhanced help for game organizers thus come find your game lying on

Elevated Presentation
Practice hardware hastens HD video by great playback with Flash Player. Current developments let support Flash content and games to carry on sending reactive feedback still as your CPU is maxed. ดาวน์โหลด Flash Player ติดตั้งไลน์การติดตั้ง!