Virus Total


Virus Total is a powerful platform gives a safety as well security to your operating system. It works against any type of virus, detects all the malicious content on the files and URL you deliver. Virus Total published by a Spanish security company Hispasec Sistemas on June 2004. In September 2012, Google Inc acquired it. It was announced one of the best 100 products of 2007 by PC World. A best choice for web developers to testify their websites and check ifs configuration that can activate ‘ false positives’ state in internet threat scanner.


VirusTotal Features

Process of Scanning

Virus Total uses 70 antivirus scanners, numerous tools, and URL blacklisting services to verify the studied content. Whenever you send any selected file through browser to Virus Total for scanning. It uses file submissions methods—— mainly public web interface, desktop uploaders, and browser extensions with a programmatic API. The web interface is consisting of publically accessible submission procedures. Submissions are script in any program language while using the HTTP-based public API.

Virus Total Uploader

The application offers an uploader to upload your required file for scanning right through your desktop. This enables you to select any presented processing file demonstrated on the uploader interface. Its continue browsing the system while locating the file. Virus Total uploader detects the consistent hash, studies the file and presents the results. You can do all the procedure from the context menu within moments.

virustotal downloader


Virus Total a complete secure program for internet users. You can also help developers while giving information about virus threats to save their precious content. This will help to build a more secure antivirus tool and services.

Analyzing of Files and URLs

Google presents a Subsidiary for free to analyze files and URLs. That are consist of different viruses, malwares, or Trojans identified by website scanners or antivirus engines. It also used for detecting false positives by scanners.

virus total

Free Application

Virus Total serves its users without any charges. It works without any commercial purpose or activity. While working with any 3rd party engines, Virus Total doesn’t promote any of their products. It works just like an aggregator of information.

Use Several Engines and Scanners

Works as an informative aggregator Virus Total collects content. Through using different antivirus engines, scanners, file and URL analyzing tools with a lot of users contribution. You can acknowledge these in the credits and collaboration acknowledgments section.

Streamed line Updates

Virus Total gives complete information about any antivirus company using the latest signatures; Virus Total updates you about the distribution within 15 minutes.

Give Complete Results

Virus Total gives thorough information about any effected file or content. You not know about the result of a detected file. It also shows you the real detection label reverted by any engine. Mostly scanners distinguish malware sites, phishing sites or suspicious sites etc. Additionally, some engine give extra information. A given URL belongs to a specific botnet and how a brand is target by a given phishing site.

Statistic Information

In statistic section you will find the information about number of resources sort out through Virus Total. These shows the ratios of international detection, country wise submissions. Mostly famous detection labels and much more.

Automated with a free public API

Virus Total offers a honeypot API for researchers as well as a mass API is give individually. For the intention of commercial as well as product improvements. You can also know about the thorough description of several APIs in the innovative feature section.

Users community

A self-styled social network was introduce by Virus Total in August 2010. Through the network users join other users to comment any malicious or suspicious file or URLs. They vote about the files or URLs and such they built community perniciousness score for the resources.


Virus Total forwards the received files or URLs to antivirus dealers. Security companies for an improvement of the products and services. All the procedure is for making the internet safer and protection for users. At last the files or URLs are sent to a private storage and premium users. Its can access to these for making their products and services more secure.

Main Features

  • Detects virus, malware, Trojan, and worms
  • A safest program for your system
  • One of the best product of 2007 by PC World
  • Use 70 antivirus scanners, several tools, and URL blacklisting services
  • Use file submission method
  • Interface uploader detects consistent hash and give results
  • Safe and secure program
  • A subsidiary search malware and viruses
  • Work free of cost
  • Use several engines and scanners
  • Updates users through the latest signatures
  • Give thorough information about any suspicious file or URL
  • Statistic section gives the ratios of international detection
  • Automated with a free public API
  • A self-styled social network of users was introduce in August 2010
  • Make your services and products more secure