disk drill

Disk Drill for Windows

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Updated Date:
June 14, 2019
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download Disk Drill for Windows An informative data that one can use for several ways. It contains all about the researches according to yours need. It can be files or folders for some company or may be pics collected by someone personally. Every user saves this data with care for future use, so it would not damage.

Disk Drill Main Features:

Delete your important files:

Sometimes, by mistake you delete your important files or images. This incident occurs accidentally and recycle bin is also deflate. Because it is true that sometimes someone best may also be fail. But, this failure causes a loss of important data. The question arise that could be compensate this great loss. Are you really want to get some way to recollect your important data? Thankfully, Disk Drill has made it possible.

Free Recovery Software:

Disk Drill is a recovery app use in Mac data. Now it is use in Windows too. It is free file recovery software. It saves your data by using different Recovery Vault technology for a safe restore of your data.

In any case of deletion of data, emptied the recycle bin, bad effects of virus, damage partitions, power failure or boot corruption, all these recoveries can be recollect through Disk Drill.

Any Drive:

Disk Drill works very simply. You can download it from internet easily. Just start it up, it search all of your required data. This software is use for multipurpose tasks. It can restore up to 200 files. It can work with all types of storage devices into a PC; hard drive, USB flash drives, memory card, SDHC cards and cameras too.

A Versatile Algorithm:

Disk Drill by Cleverfiles can recover data of deleted partitions, formatted and of all formats. It gives versatile algorithms with any type of restoring and scanning of files.

Restriction during scanning don’t effect on its work. It continues its work; even the app has shut down and starts again.

Recovery Vault Technology:

The Recovery Vault technology gives a protection to your data. And, saves you from file rewriting. Just click the key, sit back and wait for recollecting your required data.

Quick and Deep Scanning:

With a Quick and Deep option for searching of deleted files, it works like an antivirus. As compared with competitions, it works a little slowly. Sometimes, it is use as a second choice. The good thing is its simple work without any complicate interface.

Free Software:

A corporate version with technical support can be install for a large number of computers. Free downloading for windows 32 bit and 64 bit PC system. It is available in backup and recovery group.  You can get it for all type of software.

Disk Drill Features:

  • Recover Vault feature protect the data
  • Works continually even if the scanning session off
  • Recover selected file formats
  • Back up for devices
  • Deep scan boosts recovery chances
  • Recover deleted partitions
  • Recover up to 200+ file formats
  • Updates and upgrades are also conclude
  • Recover files from iPhone and Android devices
  • Support file system; NTFS, FAT(32), EXT3_4, HFS, etc