HMA Pro VPN for Windows

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Updated Date:
January, 10th 2019
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


HMA Pro VPN for Windows which is used for prize endearing HideMyAss! VPN facility on whole of your devices for single payment. Safeguarding as well as encoding your internet linking cannot be so simple.

HideMyAss VPN serves to contact a complete network about seven hundred seventy servers and nearly 5400 IP places in above 280 site in 190 countries international. HMA! Pro VPN for Windows belongs a lot of features constructing it simply to discover the greatest VPN server for your requirements.

Speed Guide assists to find the quickest VPN servers for your link. Discovering the quickest server can become irritating, still all you want to organize is track a exact Speed Guide trial as well as the sorcerer supports to find the servers greatest suitable link.

HMA VPN Features:

Numerous protocol help
Our simulated reserved network is raging quickly and generate the free proxy in its powder.

Load balancing
load balancing guides you about the server which has the minimum customers linked in case of many servers.

Environmental references
VPN servers situated nearby to your bodily setting will commonly be the quick for your internet linking.

Casual server choice
Random VPN server sites can enhance privacy according to your wish. Randomly link to some site, random servers in particular states.

Server map
HMA VPN servers has the server map, beneficial for graphical documentation. Your bodily position is too noticeable serving you to get the space among servers.

Plan IP variations
Our IP locations feature supports you to casually convert your IP address at fixed time intermissions.

IP manager websites
some other IP regulator websites assists to offer evidence that your online personality has been different.

IP address account
Create use of the elective IP account feature to save a native log of IP addresses you have before used.

Protected disconnections
In case of a sudden interruption you can confirm particular applications will not return back to using your defaulting unencrypted internet linking.

Use Safe IP Bind to power applications to not work AT ALL if linked to our VPN.

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