Opera for Windows

Opera for Windows

60.0 Build 3255.151 (32-bit)
(52 MB)
Updated Date:
June 8, 2019
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Opera for Windows PC offers you a quick, effective, and personalized method of browsing the web. It approaches through a smooth interface, customizable Speed Dial, the Discern aspect, which supports you discover new web content, the data-saving Turbo style, optical bookmarks, over thousand additions. Organize added on the web in a quick browser! You can download Opera for PC offline installer from our site through tapping on free download key.

Opera for Windows Features

Stays in sync
simply continue browsing from where you left off, through your devices. Only sign in toward your Opera version to contact bookmarks and exposed tabs in Opera on your PC or mobile device.

Speed over the web
Its group enhanced various developments to create a quick browser. For instance, videos run quicker, appreciations to fixed video backing. As well as, if you’re on a gentle internet link, Its Turbo can compress pages for quicker browsing.

Mark your browser
through more than one thousand additions, it is simple to modify Opera and tailor it to your ways. Download the additions and subjects you desire from Opera’s add-ons collection to enhance a private hint and acquire the top browser skill for you.

Preserve it easily
exploring and directing the web is a draft, through Opera’s instinctive shared address and search bar. Take one of the pre-installed search engines as Google, Yahoo! or Wikipedia, or enhance a practice search engine.

Stay harmless

It saves your browsing harmless; therefore you can stay attentive on the content. Protected browser keeps you from recognized hateful sites. Opera’s fake as well as malware safety will inform you if a website attempts to deceive you, take your password or install a bug.

Take extra work

Just locked tabs, tab driving for those who disguise through manifold pages just the once, and new minor enhancements protect your time online. Similarly, through optical bookmarks, not accessible in any other browser by evasion, you can take back to exciting sites fast.

Learn new content
Opera’s Discern aspect takes it to your browser, through the newest content on a range of themes, from your area, in your language.

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