Skype Video Call Recorder

Skype Video Call Recorder for Windows

(30.54 MB)
Updated Date:
May 01, 2019
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

It is an original Skype Video Call Recorder for Windows in the globe for recording Skype calls with no restrictions.

Through its assistance someone can record Skype calls in the succeeding styles:

– Picture-in-picture (the program proceedings audio as well as video of every part of the chat);

– Just video of other areas;

– Simply audio (every part).

Special beneficials of Skype video recorder:

– Honest to apply as well as easy interface;

– Elevated class video/audio recording;

– Stumpy CPU necessities;

– Hiatus recording’ elements;

– No more libraries are require to utilize the program;

– Live transition recording (with no re-encoding).

You only require indicating the style you love, select the crop folder and click “Start”. If you don’t desire to record a few moments all through the chat, only tap on “Pause”. For finishing the record choose “Stop”.

The program makes mp4 video as of video calls as well as mp3 audio from audio calls that are help through mainly current players. Video Call Recorder for Skype consists of no spyware or adware whatever. It’s absolutely free and completely secure to install and run. It’s free equally for private and business use.